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Buying your first home is exciting!
Let’s make sure you get the best and most suitable rate.
Just tell us a bit about what you’re after
and we’ll do the hard work for you.

    1. Is the property going to be owner occupied or for investment?

    Owner OccupiedInvestment

    2. How much are you looking to spend on your first home?


    3. How much would you like to borrow?


    4. In which Australian state is the property located?


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    Why use Kanebridge Finance?
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    Kanebridge Finance Lending Panel
    Kanebridge Finance’s Proven Results
    MPA Top 10 Commercial Broker 2014
    AFG Winner Excellence Award 2014
    MPA Top 10 Commercial Broker 2015
    AFG Winner Excellence Award 2015
    AFG Winner Excellence Award 2016
    MPA Top 10 Commercial Broker 2016
    AFG Winner Excellence Award 2017
    MPA Top 10 Commercial Broker 2017
    AFG Winner Broker of the Year Commercial 2019
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