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Luxury Rents Around the World Rose Faster Than Sales Prices 2023

Thu, Feb 8, 2024 8:50amGrey Clock 2 min

Luxury residential rents remained strong globally in 2023, outperforming capital values in 28 of the 30 cities tracked in the Savills World Cities Index, according to a report from the British real estate company on Wednesday.

On average, luxury rents increased by 5.1% last year, compared to the average home price growth of 2.2%.

“In the face of economic uncertainty, the prime residential rental market proved resilient in 2023,” said Kelcie Sellers, associate at Savills World Research. “Continuing a trend from the past year, prime rental value growth outpaced capital values, largely driven by a lack of stock in global prime markets and increased levels of demand from individuals and families who would look to purchase a property, but are holding off until the economic and interest rate situations stabilise.”

Lisbon was by far the leader in rental growth, with luxury rents increasing by an average of 39% over the year and by 22% in just the second half of 2023, according to the report.

“Lisbon has seen an influx of people moving to the city, attracted to its climate, the quality of life on offer and strong business environment. But some have been more reluctant to enter the purchase market in Lisbon due to rising house prices and increasing interest rates,” Sellers said. “While the supply of houses in the rental market has not kept pace with demand, leading to a rise in rental prices throughout Portugal, it remains comparatively priced compared to other rental markets in Europe and will likely continue to attract new renters and investors over the coming year.”

Singapore led the Asia-Pacific region, with its rental growth at 12.3%, though that was down from 32.3% in 2022. Hong Kong also saw luxury rents increase, jumping by 5.9%, as high deposit requirements, increased interest rates and an influx of buyers from Mainland China drove would-be buyers to the rental market, according to Savills.

As for the year ahead, a slight increase in luxury rents is expected across the 30 global cities, though the price growth may be less than usual.

“Looking at the year ahead, prime rental prices are forecast to record a slight increase for the 30 cities covered in the World Cities index, as would-be prime buyers continue to turn to rental markets, but this growth will likely remain below the historic average,” Sellers said.

Savills predicts that Amsterdam will lead this year’s rental growth index, with a forecasted increase of 6% to 7.9%, as the city has seen a spike in demand in tandem with limited supply and increased regulations on the private rented sector.


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